Gone are the times when carpets meant a rug that covered the floor. The development in the fashion industry has come up with so many options that there are no exemptions in the fashion improvement, including the carpet designers and manufacturers. Hence, many things should be taken into consideration before planning to go for a carpet purchase. 

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How to Find the Right Type of Carpet? 

Here are some things that you should know before purchasing a carpet. 

  • Fibre Density 

The term “fibre density” refers to the fact explaining the amount of yarn that is used during the manufacturing of carpets and also refers to the closeness of the tufts. The actual fibre density of the carpets will be examined underneath. Even though the lop layer of the carpets may appear as well-finished and well-groomed, you may find some issues underneath stating the chances of wear and tear over the years. 

The carpets with good fibre density will make the carpets durable. 

  • Face Weight 

The face weight of the carpet is the actual kilos with which a carpet weighs per square yard. The measurement will be termed in ounces and this will determine the durability of the carpet. The carpet weight will be influenced by many factors, and hence only carpet density cannot be taken into consideration when it comes to determining whether it can offer years of service or not. 

Carpet Basics: Durability and Judging Quality | DIY

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  • Staple vs. Continuous Filament 

Carpet fibres can be either staple types or continuous filament types. 

Staple fibres are also known as spun fibres and will be spun together just like yarn. You can take the example of wool in this case. All kinds of naturally available fibres are spun together in the form of yarn for easy usage. However, unlike filament fibres, they have the initial shedding factor. 

Unlike the staple fibres, continuous fibres will not shed at the initial stages, and hence can be the durable material for weaving a carpet. These fibres are also woven into yarn for their easy usage. 

  • Carpet Fibre Types 

To understand finding the ideal carpet, you need to first know about the types of fibres that are used for carpet weaving. They are listed below. 

  1. Olefin 
  2. Nylon 
  3. Polyester 
  4. Blends 
  5. Acrylic 
  6. Wool 

When you have found the right carpet for your home or commercial building, you need to check the warranty that is available from the manufacturer in the next step. You need to check some important factors such as abrasive wear, texture wear, and exclusions are included in this warranty. 

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