Your supervisor casually passed a remark about your curves and invited you for a “wild” night out. You are now left wondering whether this is a case of sexual harassment and if filing a complaint will be of any use. The truth is a considerable number of sexual harassment cases in New Jersey are not reported. It has a lot to do with employees being unaware of their rights and fearing retaliation. If you are considering your legal options, you should certainly talk to a Paramus sexual harassment lawyer. Here’s how an attorney can help. 

Your lawyer can answer questions

Most people and we are talking of men and women alike, don’t really comprehend what constitutes sexual harassment, and therefore, they end up committing mistakes that eventually hurt their case. Your lawyer can answer a bunch of questions like – 

  1. Is this sexual harassment as the law defines it?
  2. What should I do about the situation right now?
  3. How do I respond or deal with the harasser? 
  4. Should I report the matter? If yes, how should I do so?
  5. What can I do to prevent further sexual harassment from happening?
  6. Can I take a few steps to protect myself after reporting sexual harassment?
  7. Can my employer retaliate against me? How can I prevent that?

Your lawyer can help you understand the situation

Most companies have a clear policy in place for reporting discrimination and other matters like sexual harassment. Before you file that complaint, consider talking to an attorney so that you know the best ways to protect your rights. For instance, your lawyer may advise you to keep certain records or to find the right person to confide in as you file the complaint. They will also tell you how to converse with the HR department or the manager so that your words are not diluted or misconstrued. 

Your lawyer can protect your rights

Once you file a complaint about sexual harassment, your employer is required to investigate the matter. If they don’t, you have the right to take action. Your lawyer will also ensure that the matter is proceeding as per law. On the contrary, if you have been fired from the job or have suffered retaliation because you reported something, your attorney can help take legal action. Retaliation, in any form, is unlawful, and you can seek compensation in such circumstances. 

Call an attorney today to find more about sexual harassment lawyers near you.