When you lose one or more teeth, it affects not just how you look but also makes it difficult to perform various daily activities like biting and eating. When considering tooth replacement, you will have three options if you have one or two missing teeth. A fixed bridge, partial dentures, or dental implants are the choices you have. It is more efficient and easier to carry out everyday daily tasks with each of these options. 

Though all three of these treatments are well-liked, most patients prefer the removable partial denture method. Read on to learn more about detachable partial dentures. If you are living in San Jose, you have a lot of options for dental clinics, and luckily, every dentist in San Jose CA is experienced with every type of dental work. 

What should you know about implant overdentures?

For people who are missing teeth, implant overdentures—dentures supported by dental implants that are taken out on a daily basis for cleaning and maintenance—offer an easy option that also promotes oral health.

Due to the growing popularity of the Fixed Implant Dentures/All-on-4 concept, many patients are not given the chance to pick this excellent, less-priced option. Although implant overdentures are bigger and removable than fixed implant bridges, there are some advantages mentioned below:

  • Lower cost (up to half the cost)
  • Unlike the All-On-4, cleaning is a lot easier. It calls for considerably less time and effort to clean because the prosthesis can be taken out.
  • Implant overdentures can give patients who have substantial bone loss more support for their facial features.  

How do Implant Overdentures operate?

This is a multi-step therapeutic method:

  1. Dental implants will be inserted into the jaw and given time to cling to the jaw bone. As a result, the implant may form bone at the cellular level.
  2. Your dentist will design a set of overdentures just for you that will fit your mouth comfortably and closely resemble a natural set of teeth with respect to size and shape. If you want your teeth to be whiter and more shining, you can choose the shade!
  3. The overdentures will be fastened to the implants to provide worry-free teeth and a secure, non-slip fit.


  • Improved Comfort and Stability: One of the primary advantages of implant overdentures over regular dentures is their better stability. There is less chance of the overdentures sliding or shifting since they are fixed to implants in the jawbone, which is a usual issue for conventional dentures. 
  • Improved Oral Health: Overdentures made of implants may enhance oral health. By promoting bone growth, they assist in maintaining the integrity of the mandible by reducing the bone loss that is frequently linked with typical dentures. 
  • Better Aesthetics and Functionality: Implant overdentures provide a more natural appearance and feel due to their snug fit. They are made identical to natural teeth, which enhances the wearer’s smile and overall face attractiveness.