There are hot tub filters kinds, but these four are the most commonly utilized in modern-day spas today.

  • Cartridge Filters: Without a doubt amongst the most prominent selection of hot tub owners, cartridge filters are generally crafted of textile, paper, or plastic. These features pleated material housed within a plastic cartridge as well as slide inside the filter housing area inside the spa.
  • Ceramic Filters: Comparable in design to cartridge filters, these are developed with a durable ceramic that typically outlasts all other sorts of filters. With regular maintenance, ceramic filters can last for numerous years prior to needing a substitute.
  • Sand Filters: Sand filters are commonly spherical containers loaded with sand that removes undesirable compounds. They generally rest beyond the hot tub and call for cleaning.

How to Clean a Hot Tub Filter

If you’re questioning how to clean hot tub filters, don’t stress, we have you covered. Here are three suggested cleaning methods for cartridge-style hot tub filters.

  • Weekly Quick Rinse: As soon as a week, eliminate the jacuzzi filter as well as offer it a good rinse with fresh water, taking some time to expand the pleats as well as get rid of any kind of residue or debris. Rinse the filter once more, as well as allow it to air dry prior to changing it into the bathtub.
  • Monthly Chemical Rinse: Eliminate the filter every month, as well as generously spray it down with appropriate jacuzzi filter cleaner, which generally can be found in a spray bottle. Permit the option to rest for fifteen minutes or as routed on the cleaner. Completely rinse as well as change right into the spa system.
  • Chemical Soaking: Every three/four-month it’s encouraged to perform an overnight chemical soaking of filters, as well as this is an excellent task to set up when changing the hot tub’s water. Totally immerse the filter into a jacuzzi filter cleaning remedy weakened according to the guidelines and permit it to rest overnight. Rinse thoroughly, enable it to completely dry, and replace the filter.