Smart home technology is getting more and more innovative in recent years. The main reason for this continuous innovation is the demand from consumers. Today, smart home technology has not only made our everyday lives easier but also given us the opportunity to multi-task.

An increasing number of homes worldwide are moving towards the trends of installing smart home devices, simply because of the convenience and reliability, it brings to their lives. In fact, you don’t have to be physically near these devices to control them, as most smart home devices have remote access.

Remember when in the 90s, so many movies portrayed smart home? From talking fridges to virtual assistants, our society has always been enamored by the smart home concept for decades. Now, what was once a fiction thing, has become a standard practice in many households across the world?

Believe it or not, technology is never going to stop improving, and the same goes for the smart home industry. In the coming years, you will witness smart homes becoming more integrated, giving you the ability to control all aspects of your home via your smartphone.

You can expect to see a significant focus on certain smart home technology trends such as artificial intelligence, home automation, and home security in 2021. If you are thinking of investing in smart home devices, FirstEnergy has a wide range of devices for you to consider.

We have decided to share some of these trends and explain what you can expect of them in 2021. Let’s dig in!

Smart Appliances That Make Life Easier

There are so many smart appliances that help you organize things, especially if you are someone who always forgets to get groceries. For instance, your refrigerators are now able to remind you to buy more juice or milk.

Smart-enables refrigerators make sure you know what’s in the fridge and also help you get recipes based on your inventory. This feature comes in handy when you are grocery shopping and can’t exactly recall if you need eggs or not.

Another example would be smart washers and dryers with a feature that reminds you when your laundry is piling high. These washers and dryers can also be activated remotely so that by the time you are home, your laundry is all done.

Smart appliances not only consist of amazing features that help save time and chores, but with remote diagnostics, you can have technical issues repaired much easily.

Smart-Enables Home Security

We understand the frustration when you are all cozy and the doorbell rings, meaning you have to head to your main door to see who’s there, especially if it’s at an odd hour. However, smart-enabled home security has made it possible for you to remain where you are and check who’s at the door.

For instance, with smart video doorbells, you can also see the face of your visitor. Now if you an out of town and the doorbell rings, you will receive an alert on your smartphone, which further allows you to access the video doorbell camera, even though you are not home.

These smart devices add an extra layer of security to your home that may make homebuyers feel a little more comfortable when considering moving to an unfamiliar town. All these trends directly point towards a much more energy-efficiency and smart-enables future, where smart homes will be more desirable than regular ones.

Cost and Energy-Efficient Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are another popular smart home device that’s rather easy to install. All you need to do after installing it is connect it to your home Wi-Fi network and control your home temperature through your smartphone.

These smart devices also have the ability to adjust the temperature of your home according to your heating and cooling habits, which in return, helps save money on your monthly utility bills. Isn’t that impressive?

Many of us tend to forget to adjust the settings, especially when we are away, this costs us more money than one could ever imagine. Many smart thermostat manufacturers highlight these savings as a selling point, and in all honesty, most of the time it’s true.

Easy to Install Smart Speakers

Another smart device that will trend in 2021, is smart speakers. This is without a doubt not only the most important but also the easiest part of building a smart home. This is because it allows you to control every smart aspect of your home by simply speaking.

The real beauty is in syncing these smart speakers with other smart devices because they are capable of knowing their location bases on the particular room name you add to them. In fact, smart speakers also help create reminders so that you are always aware of the most important tasks of the day.


Well, there you go!

These are some smart technology trends that you can expect to see in 2021. Smart technology is here to stay, so we might as well embrace it as soon as possible!