Family law attorneys in Gig Harbor are valuable resources when you or your loved ones need legal assistance pertaining to family law issues such as divorce, child custody, spousal support, and the division of property. If you’re searching for one of these specialists, here’s what to know about the different types of gig harbor family law attorney.

Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Finding the right uncontested divorce lawyer in Gig Harbor can be difficult. With the help of an experienced attorney, you can confidently navigate the process and get the results you need.

Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody attorneys in Gig Harbor specialize in representing clients in matters related to child custody and visitation rights. They provide legal advice and guidance to help families protect the best interests of their children.

Spousal Support Lawyer

Gig Harbor has a wide range of family law attorneys who specialize in spousal support. These lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you understand the laws related to spousal support, and they can assist with negotiating an agreement or litigating a case. If you are looking for legal assistance related to spousal support, contact a Gig Harbor family law attorney today.

Property Division Lawyer

Gig Harbor is home to many experienced family law attorneys specializing in property division. Whether you need assistance negotiating a settlement, creating a separation agreement, or going to court for litigation, these attorneys are well-equipped to provide legal counsel throughout the entire process. They can also help with complex issues such as post-divorce modifications and appeals. With their expertise and knowledge of the law, they can ensure that your rights and interests are fully protected.

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Gig Harbor is home to many qualified family law attorneys, including a domestic violence lawyer. This type of attorney is specially trained to help victims of domestic abuse in legal matters such as filing for a restraining order and child custody disputes. These lawyers also provide important support and advocacy during the difficult process of recovering from abuse. With the right legal help, victims can get the protection they need and move forward with their lives.


In conclusion, if you’re seeking assistance with family law matters in Gig Harbor, it’s important to consider the various types of family law attorneys available. Each attorney will offer their own specialized services, so it’s important to choose one who is the right fit for your case. Doing research and talking to multiple attorneys can help you make the best decision.