Playgrounds are essential in child development. They help boost a child’s physical fitness, strength and balance. Apart from the physiological benefits, there are other benefits like development of social skills, creativity, intellectual learning and so on. All these are impertinent for an individual to develop healthy emotional, physical and social resilience. 

Almost every place you go to has a playground and although each is unique in a plethora of ways, there are certain common elements that are a must at every playground.

Below are mentioned the 4 play equipment that define almost all playgrounds. If you have been planning to remodel a playground or build a new one, these are what you must consider. 

1] Swings 

Swings bring unmatched joy. The classic swings are the ones having belt seats and they bend when one sits on them. However, over time, several variations of swings have come up to make swinging more fun! There are accelerator swings that allow several children to swing collectively, which facilitates interactions and as they say the more the merrier! There are viper swings which require coordinated teamwork to swing. There are generational swings on which toddlers can swing along with adults and several more. 

2] Slides 

The mild adrenaline rush that children get when they speed down the slides is precious! Slides have been a part of playgrounds since eons although today, there are more plastic slides as compared to the traditional metallic ones.  Slides come in a wide range too including open, closed, straight, curved, each having its own unique experience. Some slides can add up as a component to pre-existing play sets while others can be free standing. 

3] Climbers

Climbers require children to scale to the top of the structure. They are challenging and versatile. It could be a rock, ring, wine, walker or anything at all. 

4] Spinners 

Spinners are exhilarating evolution of merry go rounds. Apart from enjoying the whirls, children also gain sense of touch and balance while playing on them. 

If you want to add new elements to a playground or build a new one, you must consider adding Inspire Play outdoor playsets, which are designed with a difference. 

Playgrounds are much more than a recreational area and contribute significantly to a child’s development physically, emotionally and socially. So, make use of stellar equipment to create a playground that is unforgettable for everyone who visits!