The sofa upholstery serves as the center of attention in any room—both functionally and visually. Therefore, it needs to be perfect, right? The comfort and durability of the sofa depending on many factors. However, upholstery is top on all. When it comes to upholstering your sofa, many of you may confuse between the leather and the fabric. Both materials are good on their own. So, if you are planning to reupholster your old sofa, here are the benefits and drawbacks of both these sofa upholstery types. Continue reading to know which option would meet your requirements.

Fabric Sofa Upholstery

The fabric sofa upholstery is very common and made from both synthetic and natural fibers. If your sofa is in regular use, it will need tough, tightly coven fabric.

Benefits of Fabric Sofa Upholstery

  • Versatile

No matter what texture, color, or pattern you want, you can find fabrics in multiple options. This will help you choose the perfect sofa upholstery fabric that matches your existing décor.

  • Comfortable

Another benefit of using fabric sofa upholstery is its comfort and soft feel. Both natural and synthetic upholstery fabrics are durable. However, you may find synthetic fabrics rough and tough in texture.

Drawbacks of Fabric Sofa Upholstery

  • Needs Proper Cleaning

As fabrics can easily get stained, these sofas require regular cleaning and maintenance. Some fabrics are also pre-treated with a stain-resistant layer. This is why periodic deep cleaning is very important. If you are doing this at home, you can use shampoos and cleaners to eliminate odors, stains, allergens, and dust mites accumulated within the fabric.

  • Colors Can Fade Soon

Another major drawback of fabric sofa upholstery is that it can get faded with time. Frequent washing, excessive use, and prolonged exposure to sunlight—all contribute well to making your sofa fade and dull.

Leather Sofa upholstery

To achieve a modern, high-end look, you should consider upholstering your sofa with leather. The richness of leather reflects class and sophistication.

Benefits of Leather Sofa Upholstery

  • Easy To Clean

The main reason why many people prefer leather sofa upholstery is due to its easy maintenance. You may just have to wipe your leather sofa using a damp cloth, that’s it! As the material is stain-resistant, it is very easy to remove liquid spills and stains.

  • Resistant To Dust Mites

Another good feature of leather upholstery is its hypoallergenic nature. Unlike fabric, leather does not attract dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.

Drawbacks of Leather Sofa Upholstery

  • Gets Sticky In Summer

One downside to having leather sofas is that they can become uncomfortable and slippery during humid and hot weather conditions. Moreover, the material is not pet-friendly as it can easily get scratched.

  • Limited color options & Expensive

You may have to limit the color options when deciding on leather sofa upholstery. Also, the material is much more expensive than fabric.

Can’t decide between the fabric and the leather sofa upholstery? In that case, try using a combination of two. Just imagine the look of leather sofas with fabric cushions. It seems great, isn’t it?