Everyone needs to know the right wear for different occasions and seasons. One of the seasons you will require to be informed about is winter. Wool has stood out as an exceptionally versatile natural fiber for quite a long time. Again, clothes made from wool have been making a solid comeback in recent years, enhanced by more prominent global brands discovering them. Continue scrolling to learn more about wool.

What is Wool? 

Wool’s origin can be traced back over 10000 years, and it is thought to be the first textile fiber to be discovered. Its use started when people started to rear sheep and use their wool for various purposes. There was not enough technology and innovations in the past years to help utilize this resource. Nevertheless, about 98% of the world’s wool is purely white, enabling easier dying and processing. In the previous years, wool was misjudged as people thought it had a texture that caused itchiness on the wearer’s skin. However, this has been corrected with even the significant manufacturing innovations available today. 

What Comprises Good Wool

The thicker the hairs, the better the wool quality. If you want to achieve soft wool clothing, you must utilize the finest wool. Wool hairs can be measured using microns, and the soft wools begin from about 20 microns. The highest quality of soft wool is from 16 microns, but the generally preferred soft wools are 18 microns. Note that the lower the micron, the more expensive it gets, and they are rare to find. 

Before selecting your most appropriate micron, you must consider what you need it for. For instance, if you need it for carpets, you can use large and coarse microns since you will require a lot to cover a room. This will help you save more as coarse wool is less expensive and thus economical. On the other hand, if you need to achieve a luxury dress, select more delicate wool starting from 18 microns and below. 

How Does Wool Work? 

Most people believe woolen clothes are perfect during the cold season. However, this narrative has to change as garments made from wool are also ideal for other seasons. Consider this; wool is a broadly available fiber that is similar to your hair in many ways. Thus, this fiber works perfectly on the human body while all the other fibers are foreign materials. Wool sheds moisture and breaths; unlike other fibers, it can absorb moisture when in a wet climate. Again, wool can bend multiple times without even being wrinkled. 

Moreover, wool enhances freshness as it locks out odors and sheds dirt allowing your wear to look and remain fresh even after wearing them repeatedly. 

Uses of Wool

With the improved technologies, wool is being rediscovered in active wear such as skiing, yoga, and biking. The reason for this rediscovery has been achieved as wool can wick away moisture and keep you warm. Also, wool is exceptional from other fibers when it comes to getting wet. While other fibers tend to soak up moisture, making you remain cold, wool garments draw water away from your body and allow it to evaporate slowly. 

With all this information in mind, we can conclude that woolen clothes are perfect for any weather. Check here to find fashionable and quality woolen wears for your male friends and family.