The marketing strategy for 2022 involves renting a trade show booth from an exhibit company for the next national event. Your job is to figure out exactly what will work best to supplement your marketing efforts. So far, you probably have a long list of possibilities for how to draw in your audience at the event. But don’t forget to draw on the expertise available to you from your exhibit company where you rent the booth.

Tap into the Experts for Trade Show Display Ideas

The designers who work at your local exhibit company see all the new technology and trends in every industry, every day. Each new fad or fashion presents itself on their desks first. Whether it is Virtual reality (VR) or a double-height trade show booth, they are the ones who know what works. Specifically, they know what attracts which audiences. So, as long as you have done your demographic research on your target prospects, your exhibit company can give you some creative and eye-catching ideas for your next event.

Here are a few recent trends that a local exhibit company suggests for your trade show booth this year. 

Pics or it Didn’t Happen!

The goal? To get pictures of your trade show booth to go viral! Ask your exhibit company how to set up a photo op for visitors to document their time in your booth. They then post the pictures on their social media accounts, and you get tons of free advertising! 

An electronic photo booth adds fun filters and branded graphics, so every visitor has their own personal souvenir. Also, if you want to go a little retro, make some “face in the hole” photo ops, too. 

Distribute Spectacular Branded Giveaways

Branded giveaways are nothing new. Pretty much every trade show booth at every venue will hand out promotional items. The goal with this is to tap into the expertise of your exhibit company to develop a fresh experience to stand out in the mind of your audience. No more pens or USB drives with your logo on them! 

It may take some more of your budget. But the idea is to get attendees talking about your giveaways both at and after the show. If they love what you have, they will send others to your booth. And afterwards, they’ll post all about their gift on their social media accounts, too. So, pull from the advertising budget and put some more into the giveaway account. 

Work With Complementary Vendors

Most trade shows are industry-specific, so likely you end up exhibiting near other businesses with the same target audience. To boost leads generated at the show, make an agreement with a non-competing brand targeting your prospects. Provide some branding of theirs at your booth in exchange for some of yours at theirs. Then, collect leads for both companies at each trade show booth. 

In Conclusion

When it is time to put together your trade show booth this year,  tap into the expertise at the exhibit company. The designers on staff are professionals, developing fresh, innovative trade show display ideas every day.