Those who are having their retail shops on Montreal, where they need to use store displays should go for Displetech panneaux slatwall (English Meaning = Displetech slatwall panels), which can be an excellent solution. 

Such slatwall panels will be quite stylish, can be easily installed and configured, and will be a perfect solution for many different applications. As they are usually made of aluminum, hence will be quite lightweight and also extremely durable, as a result, they will add to their versatility.

What is Slatwall?

These slat wall displays can be made by using high-quality MDF with strong inserts of aluminium generally used for display applications. There are grooves that will be used as anchors meant for shelves having brackets or any other accessories like hooks, prongs, any acrylic magazine racks. 

Due to their versatility, they are used for selling many different items e.g. 

  • Clothes
  • Computer
  • Electronics
  • Hardware
  • Shoes
  • Toys

With most retailers in Montreal, these are quite popular. Panels can always be fixed to any walls or can also be free-standing, which will be part of any gondola display. They are available in various colours, sizes, with woodgrain finishes. 

The following are a few reasons in Montreal these displayed are preferred:

  • Offer flexibility

The basic purpose of using this type of panel display is, you can get the opportunity to display all your stock in the best possible manner. It will become quite attractive for the customer so that they will like to buy.

None of the other displays available in the market are flexible like any Slat wall display. It will be clean and also streamlined and enable you to properly display a greater range of items very efficiently.

  • Saves money

Besides they are available at an affordable price, also they can in many ways save your money too. There are a few attachments that can help you to display the various kinds of merchandise whenever you like without bothering about cost or logistics. There will be no need to use any other display units. 

Also, it will allow using the spaces available in the store that otherwise you might not be able to use. So, you can get maximum advantage of your walls and floor space in your store.

  • Improved inventory control

You can display the merchandise on your walls, which will be more visible to your customers and thus helps you avoid any messy-looking store. Also, there will be better visibility, and will be difficult for shoplifters to get away with their items.