For many of us, smartphones are practically extensions of ourselves, which makes new phone protectors quite the treat. These nifty accessories serve as the first line of defence against the daily dangers your phone faces. They shield your precious device from scratches, cracks, and smudges that can happen as you go about your day.

Myth 1: All Mobile Protectors Are Created Equal

Now, let’s tackle one of the most widespread myths – the idea that all mobile protectors are the same. They’re not! Mobile protectors come in various materials, and each offers a different level of protection. You’ll often find protectors made of plastic, tempered glass, and more.

  • Plastic Protectors

These are your budget-friendly options. They do provide a basic level of protection against scratches, but they won’t do much to shield your phone from serious drops or impacts.

  • Tempered Glass Protectors

These are the heavy-duty champions. They offer superior protection against drops and impacts. Plus, they have a smooth, glassy feel that mimics your phone’s actual screen.

So, when choosing a protector, consider your lifestyle. Are you prone to dropping your phone? If so, a tempered glass protector is your best bet.

Myth 2: Protectors Make Your Phone Invincible

Screen protectors are superheroes in their own right, but they can’t make your phone completely invincible. They can’t save your phone from water damage, and they can’t prevent internal damage if you throw your phone with Hulk-like force.

Even with a protector, handle your phone with care. Don’t toss it around like a basketball, and definitely don’t take it swimming. You’ll still need to protect it from dust, dirt, and water.

Myth 3: Expensive Protectors Always Offer Better Results

Price tags can be deceiving. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the more expensive the protector, the better the protection. In reality, the cost of a phone protector is influenced by several factors, like brand reputation and added features.

Sometimes, the budget options do the job just fine. They might not have fancy brand names, but they can offer decent protection. However, if you’re looking for extra features like enhanced clarity, added durability, or fancy packaging, a pricier protector might be worth it.

Myth 4: Protectors Devalue the Aesthetics of Your Phone

Remember the days when device protectors were clunky, ugly pieces of plastic that made your sleek smartphone look like it was dressed in a suit made of bubble wrap? Well, times have changed!

Modern protectors are designed with aesthetics in mind. They’re sleek, thin, and almost invisible once applied. They won’t ruin the beauty of your phone; they’ll enhance it. You can even find protectors that are tailored to your phone’s design, complementing it rather than hiding it.

So, if you’re worried about your phone losing its style, rest assured that protectors won’t cramp your phone’s fashion sense.

Myth 5: Glass Protectors Interfere with Screen Sensitivity

Ah, the dreaded myth about screen sensitivity. People used to worry that a phone protector would make their screens less responsive, like trying to play the piano with mittens on. But fear not, my friends, this myth is just that – a myth.

Modern protectors are designed with advanced technology that ensures your touch screen remains as sensitive as ever. They won’t make your taps sluggish or your swipes stutter. In fact, you might not even notice the protector is there.

To maintain screen sensitivity, make sure you apply the protector correctly. Air bubbles or improper alignment can cause issues. Follow the instructions carefully, and your screen will stay as responsive as ever.


Phone protectors are like a safety net for your smartphone. They’re not created equal, but they do an admirable job of keeping your phone safe from the daily grind. When chosen and applied wisely, protectors are an affordable insurance policy for your beloved device.