There are countless options permeating throughout the rug industry these days, but even still today after so many centuries, Rugs from Turkey are still the cream of the crop. 

Turkish rugs simply are sublime when you compare them to the rest of the industry, and there are many reasons why many rug aficionados believe them to be the very best area rugs in the entire world. 

Below we’ll be going over some of the reasons why Turkish rugs are so special? 

What Exactly Makes Turkish Rugs So Special? 

Whether it’s the unparalleled hand weaving techniques or the stunning colors/patterns, Turkish rugs are unique in the rug world. A lot of people think Turkish rugs are made from the most unique type of knotting technique known anywhere, and the ancient Turkish knot is world renowned still today. 

Below are some of the factors that make Turkish rugs so special: 

Incredible Design Patterns 

Turkish rugs have always showcased some of the most incredible combinations of rug design elements and motifs, and many Turkish rugs will have an incredible amount of cultural symbolism and significance. 

Turkish rugs tell stories, and these stories will include specific emotions and natural events that can help your home exude much more energy than basic rug aesthetics. Whether it’s love, fortune, health or wealth, Turkish rug designs are a lot more than just pretty geometric patterns. 

The tribal motifs and floral designs often found on Turkish rugs go back hundreds of years, and these same compositions continue to be highly coveted throughout the globe today! 

Superior Rug Quality 

Turkish rugs are also widely renowned for their overall quality, and this has a lot to do with the intricacies of the Turkish knot. Turkish rugs are known for incredibly high knot counts, which means they boast great durability and overall quality. 

So you can always be fully rest assured that investing in a Turkish rug will last you and your household for many years, if not generations, to come! 

Always Made From The Best Rug Materials 

The intricate knot construction of Turkish rugs wouldn’t mean much if those knots were comprised of fine materials. The good news for rug shoppers everywhere is that Turkish rugs will always be made of superior wool, high-quality cotton, and even fine silk. 

The use of natural rug materials only increases the durability of Turkish rugs, which is why the combination of the great construction makes them long-term investments. And the silk that’s used for Turkish rugs is often made from very rare silkworms that are only found in this part of the world. The silk from these worms is incredibly pliable and strong, and many rug artisans are also sheep herders who get some of the best wool in the world as well. 

So if the quality of materials means a lot to you as a rug shopper, then you simply can’t go wrong with rugs from Turkey! 

Artisanal Usage of Natural Dyes 

All of the above factors wouldn’t mean much if Turkish rug artisans didn’t have a good way of making their creations look beautiful. But what really separates Turkish rugs from the rest of the industry is the attractive natural dyes that come from flowers, roots, animals, vegetables, minerals and insects that are from Turkey. 

The combination of these natural dyes is what helps give Turkish rugs such bright and vibrant colors, and it’s a big reason why they’re considered to be the most aesthetically-pleasing area rugs in the world! 

Contact The Rug Source Specialists When You’re Looking For Rugs From Turkey! 

Turkish rugs are timeless investments that add so much versatility to any residential or commercial space from a décor standpoint. There truly is so much to love about rugs from Turkey, and if you’re currently on the hunt for a new area rug, then you simply have to keep this niche in mind. 

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