In the new year, we all have set big goals for ourselves. Many working-class Americans want to improve their health, heal their trauma, and grow their careers. If you’re hoping to relocate to Virginia, we have a list of the best places to become the better version of yourself. 


If being close to the water is a draw for you, then Norfolk is perfect. Located on the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, this waterfront town has over 125 miles of waterways to explore. Perfect for a small family – your kids will love growing up in a beach town. There’s always somewhere to go and something to do when you live by the ocean. Additionally, there’s always plenty of fresh fish to enjoy at the many restaurants and bars in the city.


Norfolk is one of those towns where there is always something happening. You can expect to see plenty of events, gatherings, and festivals here. Each month they have new activities for you and your family to enjoy. A busy downtown brings in plenty of tourists and locals which means it’s a great location for businesses. Whether these businesses are retailers, tech companies, or non-profits, there are employment opportunities in multiple industries.


The John F. Kennedy Naval Station is in Norfolk as well creating many government employment opportunities. There are also some Fortune 500 companies if you’re hoping to snag a corner office. However, with its proximity to Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, there are ample options for employment outside of Norfolk with just a quick commute.


This area is well known among those who are familiar with the D.C. area. In fact, Arlington used to once be a part of the District of Columbia. In 1847, Arlington was returned to Virginia and no longer considered part of the federal land of D.C. Today, it is common to find people who work in D.C. but live in Arlington and commute daily. It is made simple with their effective public transit systems. 30% Of of Arlington’s workforce commutes on public transit. Additionally, the city scores highly in walkability, giving opportunities for getting places quickly either by walking or biking. Its cityscape is quite similar to that of D.C.


With its closeness to the capital, you can understand why the U.S. Government is a huge employer for these communities. It is also consistently coming in much lower than the national unemployment average. It usually has the lowest unemployment in all of Virginia. Even if you are not particularly interested in working for the Federal or local governments, there are other industries such as tech, healthcare, retail, and hospitality. 


Furthermore, if you have children or are hoping to grow your family, Arlington is a wonderful place to raise kids. There are fairs, festivals, waterparks, and interactive museums. Weekly events can include things such as day camp, library adventures, or mini golfing. A huge benefit of living here is its proximity to the ocean. Kids love beaches and let’s face it, we kind of all love to bask in the sun on sandy shores and cool off in salty waves. 


One of the most popular places folks settle down in is Richmond. Richmond is the state’s capital and is currently home to around 1.1 million people. Similarly to other cities around Virginia, there is a base of Fortune 500 companies here as well. We realize most folks don’t just go and apply to a Fortune 500 company, but it may be within reach for your future career decisions. Richmond has a rich history of commerce and has been a well-established hub of business for centuries. 


Traditionally there is a high concentration of law and finance in Richmond. However, there is also deep history and you can witness the past at one of the many museums here. In addition to history, Richmond is proud of its hub for the visual and performing arts. Many young professionals find houses for rent in Richmond if they are hoping to excel in any of these industries. 


If your main goal is to travel somewhere for your career, any of these cities is a top-rated choice. Whether you’re just jumping into your career after college, or you are a tenured professional in your niche, Virginia welcomes everyone! Research these areas for yourself to find your perfect new Virginia home.