Garage doors go through a different manufacturing process than regular doors. A typical garage door goes through the following steps during its manufacturing process:

Step 1: Selecting material for sheets

A garage door typically consists of four panels. Each panel is made of either an aluminum or steel sheet. Aluminum and steel are preferred because they are strong, durable, and can tolerate harsh climates. Each side is then painted with a baked-on coat of polyester paint.

Step 2: Imprinting Texture

First, the metal plates are painted with polyester paint. The garage door’s metal sheets are then imprinted with textures. Each sheet passes through rollers that imprint a texture. The most commonly used texture is the simulated wood grain. 

Step 3: Imprinting a Design

In this step, the metal sheets go through a press that imprints a design. Commonly used designs include raised rectangles or horizontal stripes. Some do not have a design at all. You can choose a design of your own as well. 

Step 4: Cutting and Folding the Metal Sheets

This step involves three substeps. 

  • Automated machines cut the continuous sheet to garage door widths. 
  • After cutting, another machine folds over the edges. The edges are typically 1 to 1/2-centimeter and allow for the insertion of joints for attaching the panels. The polyester paint is elastic, so it simply stretches with the bending.
  • Finally, they drill a hole through which they’ll later inject insulation. 

Step 5: Making A Panel

In this step, two of the metal or aluminum sheets are bound together to form a panel. The ends are closed off with blocks of pine, which prevents air or dust from penetrating inside. An aluminum bar is attached to the long ends of each panel, which helps keep the panel steady during the injection process.

Step 6: Insulation

In this step, the panels are loaded onto a carousel, and the process of filling the interior cavity of the panel begins with insulation material, most commonly polyurethane foam. 

Step 7: Packaging

This is the final step of the process. All necessary material is packed inside a box and weighed in order to make sure no component is left out. At this point, the garage door is ready for installation. 


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