It isn’t uncommon about the presence of cavities that affect our oral health. Especially children suffer more as they favor to eat loads of candies a day. It happens because of adverse infection of bacteria. Even the hardest part of the mouth, the enamel gets damaged if left untreated. Cavities cause lots of discomfort as its major symptom is intense pain. Children suffer a lot, and thus it is best to search for a good pediatric dentist near me.

In Texas, there are reputable, experienced pediatric dentist Cypress TX who can treat pain due to cavities and end the oral health issues of their patients. One of the best pediatric dentists are the Orion Dental Specialists who have more than three decades of experience in treating various kinds of oral health problem of children especially cavities.


The cavity forms a hole in anyone’s tooth and eventually becomes the cause of the tooth decay. They are dark color brown or black holes that look ugly and make the affected tooth extremely sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. The untreated cavities soon reach the root of the tooth and slowly decay the tooth present near the damaged ones.

Sometimes the cavities become the cause of removing the original tooth and ultimately the person prefers to replace it with the artificial customized tooth. This means, added trouble and thus best to treat the cavities as soon as you feel the pain or any discomfort.

Regular dental checkup of your child’s teeth saves a lot of trouble as the dentist will curb the cavity problem at the initial stage. The cavities aren’t a big dental problem if you get treatment earlier.

What are the causes that lead to formation of cavities?

  • Sugar: The sweetness of sugar is the major cause mainly in children as they eat lots of candies. There are sugar-free candies however many people prefer to taste sugary chocolates as they are more flavorful and enjoyable.
  • Demineralization: It happens because of plaque formation which means bacterial infection. It slowly damages the tooth enamel. It all mainly happens because of the acid formation because of the multiplication of bacteria. Mostly, the bacteria infest sugary food and slowly eradicate the tooth enamel, reach the tooth root and start affecting the health of all parts of the mouth.
  • Sugary drinks: The consumption of fruit juices and aerated drinks are prime causes of spoiling tooth enamel and slowly reaching the inner part of the tooth causing a cavity.
  • Not maintaining the hygiene of oral health: People and children often neglect cleaning their teeth twice a day like in the morning and at night. They do not rinse the mouth after eating meals. All this leads to oral health problems like forming of cavities.

There are many effective ways to prevent the formation of cavities:

  • Use fluoride toothpaste for brushing your teeth. The fluoride should be the main ingredient as it aids in demineralize thus the tooth enamel remains intact. The hardest outer layer of the teeth remains strong and there are negligible chances of teeth decaying or cavity formation.
  • The teeth brushing should be done rightly. A small amount of fluoride tooth paste is enough for brushing teeth. The tooth brush should be placed at forty five degree angle and facing towards the gum line. It is helpful to move the brush in a circular motion and gently. Many people brush teeth vigorously and that action of their spoils the tissues of gum leading to infection.
  • Often need to clean the tongue with scraper and rinse the mouth with water. It helps to remove stuff that have adverse effect on our dental health.

Now, in the market you can opt to buy children’s tooth brushes that look attractive and are imprinted with cartoon images. There are fluoride tooth paste tasting of fruit flavors like strawberry. These thoughtful acts of yours influence your children to brush twice a day. You can encourage them to rinse mouths by making funny faces while gargling the water in your mouth.

Your kids surely want to mimic their parents and gradually the funny acts are repeated daily until rinsing the mouth with water becomes a habit.

You can consult Cypress TX pediatric dentist and have an appointment to have dental checkup of your kids regularly to avoid caries or cavities ruining their teeth.