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What is the Blackstone griddle?

The inspiration for making the Blackstone griddle was to make outdoor cooking easy and fun even for large gatherings and crowd. The result is that the 36-inch flat top of the Blackstone griddle offers you a 756 sq. inch cooking surface. This makes it very convenient for you to cook the meals without worrying about the amount of food or the number of people.

The flat cooking surface and indirect heat aided in the appliances are much better and well-suited when compared with a traditional grill. While cooking with wood chips or charcoal, there could be flare-ups when cooking fatty foods. This makes it very important that you must maintain temperatures. It could be untidy and things may often get out of hand. Thus, it takes a lot of attention.

It further becomes a herculean task when you are juggling between multiple dishes at once. When cooking over indirect heat, it becomes much more convenient as you are enabled to control temperature and therefore easier to swap between foods. Besides that, the flat surface allows you to cook those foods which are otherwise not possible on a grill for example thinly sliced vegetables or meats and fried rice.


Since there is no direct flame exposure in the Blackstone griddle, you won’t get the same charred flavour as a grill. if you are planning to mix more vegetables into your diet or want a way to make meals outside all day long, it’s a great addition to your backyard cooking. The Blackstone griddle adds more variety and diversity to your cooking.