If you have never experienced a car accident, you may think you will never be in one. People do not think something will happen to them until one day, it does. No matter how safe your driving may be, the fact is that there are countless irresponsible drivers on the road. You could have a car accident at any point in your drive, which is scary. 

If you have experienced a car collision, you must be injured and worried about the property damages to your car. You might want to handle the claim on your own instead of hiring a Hillsville Auto Accident Lawyer to save money. However, this could actually cost you much more in the long run. 

Signs you need an attorney for your car accident case 

  • You have suffered a serious injury. 

If you suffered from one or various serious bodily injuries, you must contact an attorney for help. In car accident cases, the more severe your injuries are, the larger the compensation amount is. The insurance company will make your injuries look like they are not a big deal, even after you show them your medical reports. 

Remember that the insurance company is not on your side. They will try various dirty tactics to lower your compensation. This is where an attorney can help. 

  • The accident involves multiple parties. 

Two-vehicle car accidents where two cars collide with each other are already complicated as it is. However, when you add more vehicles to the mix, you add potentially liable parties, which makes the entire thing too complex to be handled by an unprofessional. You need to determine whether a single party is liable or if multiple parties share the liability, which is a lot of work. 

  • They are taking too much time to give you the compensation. 

If you expected the insurance company to give you the damages after you showed them evidence of your injuries, but they are taking more time than they should, it is time you speak to an attorney. Sometimes the insurance company delays or stalls a claim in the hope that the plaintiff gets tired of waiting and withdraws the case. Other times, they may irritate you by offering reduced compensation over and over again. 

An experienced car accident attorney in Hillsville does not only ensure that you get the compensation you deserve but also that you receive it just on time. Their expertise in the area can also help you know if the insurance company is stalling the claim on purpose or if a problem exists.