Running an HOA is an extremely difficult job since people with full-time jobs and other priorities are responsible for handling a community of hundreds. Most members seldom have the time to look after HOA problems as they have their own separate lives. 

When board members are occupied by other duties, some common problems are bound to occur in the community. phoenix hoa management companies can lessen your burden by doing the management job for you. Meanwhile, we have compiled the most common problems you may face while handling an HOA without the help of a professional company. 

Common problems that arise in most HOAs

  • Poor communication. 

HOA comprises hundreds of homeowners, board members, contractors, vendors, and others. It is essential to maintain proper communication with each of these parties for various reasons. Someone who does not have the time, skills, or resources to do so will result in complaints from everyone. 

  • Financial problems. 

Handling an HOA requires much budget planning, and someone unfamiliar with the subject is bound to make mistakes. Many factors go into the financial planning of an HOA that the average person does not know of. 

For example, you may not calculate the monthly expenses properly and ask for a lower monthly fee than the HOA needs. This can disturb the budget, and then when you increase the fee abruptly, you may have to face angry homeowners. 

Such problems can be resolved by phoenix hoa management companies with ease. 

  • Avoidance of awkward conversations. 

The HOA board comprises normal homeowners that live in the community. They were well-meaning people who wanted the best for their community and its people. However, as a part of their job, they may sometimes have to confront homeowners about their violations, which can be hard if they are someone they know. 

Professional management companies can help you avoid that. They can take care of complex matters while keeping your hands clean. 

  • Biased enforcement of rules. 

The HOA board members are powerful bodies that have to ensure that all residents comply with the rules. If somebody goes against the regulations, the board members have the right to penalize them. When you engage in biased enforcement of rules, it can result in problems. 

For example, if you do not hold someone accountable for their violations because they are your friend, you are not a fit to be on the board. As a board member, all the residents should be equal to you. 

Handling or managing an HOA, especially a big one, can be challenging when you do not have the experience or skills. Fortunately, there are professional companies you can hire.