Slips and falls can lead to catastrophic injuries including permanent paralysis. Falls are the main cause of spinal injuries. Often, the majority of falls can be prevented and resulted from somebody else’s negligent actions. Because of this, people who have paralysis can pursue compensation to reduce their financial burdens. In this case, they must hire a Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer who can help them determine and show liability.   

Falling Accidents that Result in Paralysis

Different kinds of force can cause damage to the spinal cord including bending, blunt-force trauma, and twisting. A fall can happy through any of the following situations:

  • Fall from high places. High-rise buildings that do not have proper safeguards can result in falls from high places. Employees who do their duties above the ground can fall if there are no safety measures in place. 
  • Slip and fall. People who walk up patio stairs at their favorite grocery stores are confident about the safety of the walkways they transit. However, some tenants and property owners do not maintain their premises, putting the public at risk. 

Implications of Permanent Paralysis

Injuries to the spinal cord require extensive medical treatment. If you sustain permanent paralysis as a result, you need an increasing amount of money for your care and related expenses. Also, there is heavy psychological and emotional toll when you adjust to life being permanently paralyzed. 

From the moment you got injured and throughout your paralysis, you require expensive specialized care including emergency medical transportation, hospital stays, surgeries, prescription medication, and rehab regimens. Also, you will need specialized medical devices and equipment, so you can get around and do routine tasks. These devices include walkers, wheelchairs, scooters, braces, breathing equipment, and adaptive utensils.

Moreover, even if you can still do some work despite your paralysis, the initial fall and recovery may not make it possible for you to earn an income. Also, you may need assistance performing the tasks you used to do without help.

Seeking Compensation for Falls that Resulted in Paralysis

The extent of damage caused by a fall can turn the life of the victim upside down. Because of this, they deserve to be compensated for their suffering and losses. Seeking legal representation increases their chances of securing the full compensation they deserve. An experienced attorney can see through the attempts of insurance providers to settle claims for less than their worth. With their assistance, the insurance company won’t be able to take advantage of the victim’s situation.