Pallet inverters are the right investment for facilities that move or store unit loads. TopIndustries offers an inline pallet turner capable to handle 100 pallets in an hour. The L-shape APS is innovative and superfast, a robot is included for stacking and emptying the pallets. Products can be tilted between 90 to 130 degrees based on your needs.

How has automation helped the bakery?

For example, bakery produces are increasing in varieties, flavors, shapes, sizes, and textures. The facility has to run in shifts around the clock. As the facility develops there rises a need to automate packaging and palletizing operations. The bakery can enjoy less pallet-handling damages, enhanced ergonomics, less labor, and better even pallet loads by integrating an inline pallet transfer system. The transfer speed also increases.

The par-baked bread is big and lightweight, so takes up lots of space in trailers. Stacking pallets loaded with cases in trucks up to 94” is hard to perform manually. Palletizing is a labor-intensive task and the operators also need to toil in a refrigerated packing environment.

The automated system handles pallet dispenser lifts, heavy-duty unloading conveyors, and drag-chain loading conveyors. The integrated system is equipped with the pattern forming and case-handling conveyors, pneumatic actuators, and pallet handling clamps/hands [work pneumatically]. The system is programmable and can easily handle case size and pattern change with a push on the touch screen.

Bread is par-baked and passed across zero-pressure conveyors to packaging lines, where it has to go under metal detectors. The bread in bulk quantities is dropped in waiting cases positioned at the end of the conveyor. The case is weighed and coded. Palletizing is automatic. The operators set the pattern program to activate the palletizer. The load from the palletizer moves directly toward the freezer without any manual interference.

With everything streamlined the output at the bakery soared to more than 3X a day. It was a sensible decision for the bakery owners to automate the material handling [pick, lift, palletize, transport, store] tasks. Automation can offer the bakery a chance to release employees on bread packing lines and move to other areas.

Lift and tilt pallet inverters can help to invert wider and larger loads like corrugated board sheets. Customized pallet exchangers can fit in the assembly line along with pallet dispensers and stackers for the easy switch of pallets.

How do inline pallet exchangers work?

The pallet trucks and forklifts are eliminated from the equation. However, you need to capably use levers and buttons to operate. The conveyor brings palletized loads within the pallet tilter’s clamps.

You press the button and watch the tilter do its magic. As the pallet arrives, the inverter clamps it firmly [but gently] and is tilted and placed on the assembly line. The previous pallet stays on the conveyor until the next pallet waits to tilt.

Integrating a pallet tilter in your assembly line is new and specifications will depend on the current arrangement. Therefore give the professionals a call and have it custom-built. Watch the TopIndustries pallet exchanger video series on YouTube. You can even follow them on social media channels like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.