What’s your plan for this coming weekend? Maybe you are in the mood to watch Zombie movies, or you wish to sleep all day. Perhaps you could make a sumptuous meal in the kitchen. Hold that thought! Why would you want to spend time in the kitchen on a holiday? It sounds like a sad plan! 

How about going to a riverside bar in Montreal? Gather your friends, family, lover, and even foes – you are going to one of the most good-looking bars and resto in Montreal! 

What’s special about the Riverside Bars in Montreal? 

Montreal is a special place indeed, but riverside bars and restos are unique and filled with warmth. 

They usually have plush interiors and the range of cocktails and beer pitchers will enthrall you. They’re very classy places and the crowd is quite good. 

You can go to such scenic places anytime, but weekends give you a different vibe. We understand that everyone’s leading a busy life, but weekends should be all about fun. You can let loose and catch a drink or two with your friends. 

One of the best options in Montreal is the Riverside Bar & Resto. It has brought something new for loyal customers. There’s an ice bar as well that will reopen shortly. It’s a great place to catch some drinks and sway to the groovy music. 

There are many more special things about Riverside, and one of them happens to be the location. It’s next to the Lachine Canal. What could be better than this? The location, crowd, interiors, food, and drinks are on-point. 

What You Should be Ordering Here?

Elite riverside bars have some amazing cocktails and beer pitchers. If you are the kind who likes to sip wine, there are some good options for you as well. 

Let’s start with cocktails! What can you order for you and your friends? 

  • Blackberry Paloma – It’s sassy, tasty, and tangy! 
  • Jack Collins – a classic pick! 
  • The good old’ mojito – It’s refreshing and tasty! 
  • Sangria – Red or white? Doesn’t matter! Everything tastes great at Riverside Bar & Resto. 

Once you have skimmed through the cocktail’s menu, check out the beer section too. 

You get canned and bottled beers. The good old’ Heineken will do, but there is a lot of variety. You can try Moosehead Radler or SOL. Normanville and Belgian Moon are also popular among the crowd. 

On second thoughts, feel free to order anything from the beer menu. There are some good wine selections too. 

Don’t spend this weekend all alone – you need to head to Riverside bar & resto that’s one of the best spots in the city.