Work zone safety is an important concern for all contractors and site managers. Traffic management services form an important part of it. Managing roads and vehicular traffic are essential to undertake work at the site uninterrupted.

Some firms provide traffic management services to their clients in Canada. The traffic safety company Capital Traffic and other such firms provide customized traffic management solutions to their clients.

This article takes you through the services provided by traffic management firms and how you can benefit from hiring them.

Let us begin!

Traffic management at worksite

Many road projects require traffic management at the worksite. This involves the creation of a safe environment, management of construction traffic, vehicular traffic, pedestrians, and transit services.

A traffic management solutions firm collaborates with worksite managers to provide expertise on the implementation of safe work zones and meet the individual site requirements of the client.

What are the services offered by a Traffic Management firm?

  1. Traffic protection and control plans: The firm provides customized traffic protection and control plans to suit the worksite.
  2. Implementation of traffic control: The firm ensures its team’s presence at the site to implement the traffic plans.
  3. Lane closures: The firm provides on-site equipment to undertake lane closures.
  4. Crash trucks: The firm provides Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) trucks at the worksite to be used as barrier vehicles when it is not practical to close the road.
  5. Sign installations: The firm installs appropriate signboards for detours, road closures, and delineation of temporary work zones.
  6. Flagging operations: The firm deputes traffic control personnel and provides signage for all flagging operations.
  7. Traffic management solutions: The firm undertakes comprehensive traffic management from planning to implementation.
  8. Traffic control devices: Some firms provide the sale of traffic control devices from signage to TC-54s.
  9. Site maintenance: The firm undertakes site maintenance all through the progress of work. It involves the incorporation of appropriate changes as per evolving developments on site.

Tips to choose a partnering firm for traffic management

The contractors need to ensure that they hire a professional traffic management solutions firm to manage traffic seamlessly.

The parameters for selection include

  • Safety: The firm should prioritize the safety of its staff, road users, and others involved in the project.
  • Cost: The firm should offer its services at a reasonable price.
  • Experience in the domain.

Concluding thoughts

Hiring the services of a traffic management firm can ensure worksite safety and uninterrupted workflow on the project site.