Do you know that smile is the most powerful human gesture? A person who smiles more often is perceived as an honest, warm and confident person. Such people are easily able to develop deep and powerful bonds. A smile has the magical effect of filling the whole room with warmth and a welcoming aura.

Even in the corporate field, a person with a good smile is more likely to be hired for a job. This is because of the subliminal effects that a smile carries with it. Many people are not confident with their smile. The reasons for this phenomenon can be many. Maybe they have yellow teeth, or they have irregularly shaped teeth.

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Signs that you need expert dental attention

It is a very common practice that we procrastinate when it comes to meeting our dentist until it is urgent and the pain becomes unbearable. However, assuming this laid-back attitude towards oral health is a very dangerous practice. You might be surprised to know that oral health is not just limited to teeth, its ramifications can be felt in overall health.

A person with poor overall oral health is more likely to have poor immunity because he is less likely to eat good food. Besides that, studies have shown that poor dental health also contributes to the increased probability of cardiovascular issues in individuals. Now that you know all this, let’s discuss the signs that tell, you need an urgent dentist appointment:

1-    Stained teeth- the food that we have along with aging and smoking are some of the factors that cause the teeth to get discoloured. Stained teeth are very dirty in appearance and they make the person look like a barbarian. In such a case, getting an oral treatment is the best solution so that you may get immediate and long-term effects.

2-    Damaged teeth- chipped, cracked and broken teeth can be repaired only by a cosmetic dental expert. Depending on the problem, the dentist will give you an inlay or an outlay to repair the damage caused to your teeth. In those cases, where the damage is severe, the patient may need other options like porcelain veneers or cosmetic bonding.

3-    Missing teeth- many people suffer from the issue of missing teeth. This can be caused by multiple factors like a broken tooth, a tooth that did not grow, etc. The cosmetic dentist has a volley of solutions to these problems like dentures, dental implants, bridges, etc.

4-    Crooked or misaligned teeth- porcelain veneers and braces are the best solution for those who have a misaligned set of teeth.

5-    Embarrassment while smiling- a person having a flawed smile is not comfortable while smiling. Our smile is the most precious and cherished emotion and in public appearances, you will be required to smile. A person having a flawed smile is more likely to run from crowded areas due to social anxiety and fear.

Not only that, this will affect your social network too. Since your network is your net worth, you are likely to face financial repercussions too due to this bad smile that you are too shy to show and too reluctant to get corrected.

6-    Digestion issues- science says that the digestion of whatever we eat starts not from the stomach but the mouth. Each of our teeth serves an individual function that cannot be replaced. If you are missing some teeth, then it is highly probable that you are not chewing the food properly.

Poorly chewed food will cause digestion issues in the body. A dental expert can easily solve this issue with the help of aligners, implants, etc.

7-    Changed face shape- though you may not notice, our teeth determine the shape of our jaw. Our jaw rests on the teeth, thus, missing teeth will lead to a dropped jaw. These issues get worse with age and you should address them early so that they may not take an ugly shape.

8-    Pain in the tooth- severe radiating pain in the tooth can be caused due to a volley of reasons. This can be treated only by a dentist.


Dental issues are not only limited to the oral cavity, they spread their baneful effects all over the body. You should get regular check-up with the best dentist available in the area.