You are finally planning to get down on your knees and propose to the love of your life. Expectedly, you want things to be perfect. If you are in Toronto, there is no dearth of natural outdoor and indoor venues to choose from, and all it takes is a little work. Local services like Raven Blooms proposal décor can make all the arrangements and work with you to enhance your big day. We have a few tips below for your help.

  • Start with the venue & theme: The day you choose to propose should be a meaningful date, and the venue is just as important. The choice is personal, but make sure to find a space that feels personal and intimate. Once you know that, the theme is the next big thing on the list, and your best bet is something that relates to your love story and journey with your would-be so far.
  • Always add flowers: Even if you are a minimalist, you need floral arrangements on your proposal day. Flowers are not just delicate but also very aesthetic, and there are endless décor themes to choose from. In fact, if you check Pinterest, you will find numerous ideas. When it comes to arrangements, consider a mix of flowers and elements that feel natural and create a serene vibe. Your vendor should be able to help with that.
  • Add the essentials: Besides floral arrangements, you also need a champagne bucket, table setup, dinnerware, and the right menu. Many local firms in Toronto can listen to your requirements and create the right ambience based on the budget. From the initial setup to teardown, they will ensure you have time to focus on the significant moment.
  • Personalization counts: Just like engagements, proposal days are forever, and you should take a moment to add details that resonate with the other person. The smaller details, such as your initials or a special note, can change the basic theme into something distinct and creative. Even if you have selected a vendor for the planning, stay involved.
  • Consider what they would like: People often plan grand proposals without considering what their partners would expect. You want her to say “yes”, which should happen in a way that matches her mood. Being considerate goes a long way in getting things right, and at times, everything can be subtle yet remarkable.

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