The popular method is through VIP and loyalty programs, which provide members with exclusive benefits and perks. VIP programs at online casinos function similarly to frequent flyer programs at airlines. They are designed to identify, reward, and provide incentives to players who wager and deposit significant amounts.

Casinos want to not only attract new players but also retain existing ones. VIP programs help achieve this by making players feel valued and providing them with customized rewards and experiences. Depending on the online casino, VIP programs may be called different things, like loyalty programs, high-roller programs, or privilege clubs. They all share the essential goal of incentivizing and recognizing their top players.

How do you become a VIP member?

Every online casino will have its specific criteria for determining VIP status.

  • Deposit frequency and amount – Casinos will look at how much and how often you deposit funds into your player account. Bigger and more frequent deposits fast-track you to VIP levels.
  • Game and wager amount – Your betting activity will also be tracked. Playing high-stakes games and slots with bigger bets helps raise your VIP standing.
  • Loyalty points – Most casinos award points for real money wagers that qualify for bonuses and rewards. Heavy wagering activity will build your points faster.
  • Personal casino host – At the highest elite VIP levels, players may be assigned a dedicated casino host for tailored services.
  • Invitation-only – Some VIP programs are by invitation only, based on the casino’s internal criteria for identifying and attracting high-value players.

Standard VIP program levels and benefits

While each online casino will have its own branded program tiers, most follow a similar tiered framework. Higher tiers provide better rewards and exclusives.

  • Entry-level – Base level for new members. Perks may include special promotions, birthday gifts, and access to loyalty rewards.
  • Mid-tier – For players who wager and deposit more substantial amounts. Added perks can include faster cashouts, bigger loyalty bonuses, and birthday gifts.
  • Elite/Premium level – High-value players who regularly engage in significant gaming transactions. Perks include personal account managers, lucrative loyalty rewards, free trips, and exclusive promotions.
  • Prestige/Black tier – The top VIP echelon for the biggest spenders. Receive the full luxury treatment including room, meal, and travel accommodations, massive bonuses, gifts, and dedicated ambassador service.
  • By-invitation-only – Typically reserved for celebrities, athletes, or ultra-high rollers outside of the standard tiers. Perks are fully customized and negotiated to cater to the individual.

Should you join a casino VIP program?

VIP programs are best suited for players who engage in frequent real-money gaming and deposit significant sums. Casual players likely won’t benefit as much from VIP rewards and won’t reach the higher elite tiers. Dedicated players who routinely play table games or slots with substantial bets can extract great value from the bonuses and promotions. The perks add up substantially for consistent high rollers. Don’t forget that while rewards are enticing, responsible gaming should always come first. Never deposit more than you comfortably afford to chase VIP status. To find out more, follow this link