If you’re thinking of planting strawberries for your home garden, you’re making a fantastic choice. Besides, strawberries are easy plants to grow, making them an excellent, beginner-friendly choice for first-time home gardeners. And if grown and tended correctly, you’ll get much more flavourful strawberries than the ones you buy in markets.

So, while you’re looking for quality strawberry plants for sale for your budding home garden, here are a few tips you should consider as you start your strawberry home garden.

Choose a Plant Site that Contains Well-Drained and Fertile Soil

Your strawberry plants will grow best on soil that’s well-drained and fertile. Well-drained soil means soil that doesn’t collect too much rainwater, especially after heavy downpours. Meanwhile, if you find your soil not fertile enough, you can add compost to provide additional nutrients.

In addition, compost also contributes to better soil drainage and provides more microbes in your soil. So, make sure to stock up on high-quality, adequately-rotted compost for your strawberry plants as needed!

Pick a Plant Site that Offers Plenty of Sunlight

Ideally, your strawberry plants should get around ten hours of sunlight per day. But if you can’t afford that, you should aim to have your plants get at least six hours of sunlight per day. Overall, just make sure that you don’t pick a plant side that prevents your berry plants from not receiving their needed dose of sunshine.

Do Not Overcrowd Your Strawberry Plants 

You can either plant your strawberry plants in containers or on the soil. But no matter what you choose, do not overcrowd them. For instance, if planting your strawberry plants on the ground, ensure that there are eighteen to twenty-four inches of space between them.

And if you’re planting by rows, make sure that the rows are separated by three to four feet of space. Meanwhile, if you’re growing your strawberry plants in containers, only place a maximum of three plant roots for every square foot of soil you have.

Get Strawberry Plants from a Reliable Specialist Nursery 

Aside from taking note of the tips above, you must also source your strawberry plants from a reliable specialist nursery like Chris Bowers and Sons. After all, they have a wide range of top quality strawberry plants for sale. Moreover, trustworthy specialist nurseries will also cultivate their own fruit plants and fruit trees, ensuring that they’re properly cared for and will bear delicious fruit as they grow.


As long as you take note of the tips above, your strawberry planting journey will be a breeze. And by looking for strawberry plants for sale at reputed fruit specialist nurseries, you can guarantee that your strawberries will be absolutely delicious once they grow and ripen. Happy planting!