A vacuum pump is majorly used to extract the air and gas from the tanks to create a situation of partial or complete vacuum in the system. The air is sucked in by gradually decreasing pressure inside the confined space. The gaseous molecules which are aspirated are then released into another tank or the ambient air. These tanks are mostly used in laboratories, medical and chemical industries or food packaging units.

How would you choose the right pump?

When choosing a vacuum pump, multiple factors are needed to be considered. Pick the one which is adapted to the use you are intending to. This will help you determine other factors like lubrication, technology, vacuum level, chemical resistance and the flow rate. You should pick the pump based on the quality and vacuum level. Among the types, the most common ones are the rough or low vacuum pumps, and the high and the ultrahigh vacuum pumps. There is a fine difference in the scarcity of the number of molecules obtained among the three of them. If the pressure is weaker, the number of molecules obtained will be higher; the vacuum quality will also be higher. Keep in mind the following factors too:

  • Flow rate- The flow rate is the actual draining time of the machine you are picking. It is necessary to evaluate the capacity of the pump to ensure the right volume, flow rate and mass flow rate. If the flow rate is higher, the draining time will be lower.
  • Chemical compatibility- The compatibility of the gases used in your application is necessary to be known. You should also know all the probable problems that the machine can encounter if the compatibility is hampered.
  • Lubrication- You should know if the pump should be lubricated or not. If you want to increase the efficiency and resistance of the pump, you must lubricate it regularly. The pumps and the lubrication require regular maintenance. However, if it is used in a laboratory environment, a dried pump is preferred.
  • Maintenance and cost- If you are assessing the above points, this point requires necessary attention. You need to analyse the frequency of the maintenance cycles that the pump will require. It will also help you determine the overall cost of the pump installation.

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