Bristol is a lively city in southwest England that captivates visitors with its fascinating history, diverse culture, and charm. Situated on the banks of the River Avon, Bristol manages to blend the old in with the new, with picturesque harbours that contrast historic maritime warehouses with modern architecture.

Famous for its dynamic art scene, the city is an epicentre of creativity, evident in its many street art displays, cultural festivals, and independent galleries.

Bristol played a crucial role in maritime exploration, and the iconic Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, is a testament to the city’s engineering prowess.

The locals are known to be friendly and welcoming, contributing to the city’s lively atmosphere.

Whether exploring the historic Old City, admiring the street art in Stokes Croft, or enjoying the green spaces, Bristol offers a stunning blend of history, culture, and stylish flair.

When arriving in Bristol, many visitors from abroad and places further away in the UK will pass through Bristol airport. The airport is the 8th busiest in the UK, with Heathrow airport being the busiest. The airport served almost 8 million passengers in 2022. Airlines operating at the airport include budget airlines EasyJet and Ryanair.

While it might sound like the stuff of conspiracies, Bristol Airport does have an underground tunnel. But unfortunately, it’s not open to the public. The tunnel dates back to the airport’s military history and was constructed during World War II as an emergency evacuation route for pilots. Over the years, it has been sealed off from public access and used for maintenance and utilities. Although not part of the regular airport tour, the existence of this hidden tunnel adds a touch of mystery to the airport’s history.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bristol Airport

Where is Bristol Airport?

Bristol Airport is situated in Lulsgate Bottom, North Somerset, approximately 8 miles (13 km) south of Bristol city centre.

What airlines operate from Bristol Airport?

Bristol Airport serves EasyJet, Ryanair, TUI Airways, and Aer Lingus, among others. The list may vary, so it is recommended that you check the official airport website for the most up-to-date information.

How can I get to Bristol Airport from the city centre?

The airport is accessible by car, taxi, and public transportation. Bus services and airport shuttles connect the airport to the city centre and surrounding areas. If you are travelling from Swindon, a taxi transfer is highly recommended. There are many more, so it pays to shop around for the airport transfer deals.

Is there long-term parking at Bristol Airport?

Yes, Bristol Airport provides long-term parking. There are multiple car parks, and booking in advance is best for better rates.

Are there any hotels near Bristol Airport?

Several hotels are located near the airport, offering convenient accommodation for travellers.

How early should I arrive at Bristol Airport before my flight?

Arriving at least two hours before a domestic flight and three hours before an international flight is recommended to allow time for check-in, security checks, and possible queues.

Can I bring liquids in my hand luggage?

Passengers can bring small amounts of liquids, gels, and pastes in containers of 100ml or less. These must be placed in a clear, resealable plastic bag.

Is there free Wi-Fi at Bristol Airport?

Yes, Bristol Airport offers free Wi-Fi for passengers. To use it, connect to the “Bristol Airport Wi-Fi” network and follow the instructions.

Are there facilities for disabled passengers at Bristol Airport?

Bristol Airport has facilities for disabled passengers, including accessible toilets, ramps, and assistance services.

What shopping and dining is available at Bristol Airport?

Bristol Airport has a range of shops and restaurants offering various products and foods. Passengers can find everything from duty-free items to fast food snacks.

Are there currency exchange services at Bristol Airport?

Yes, Bristol Airport provides currency exchange services. Throughout the airport, there are ATMs available for withdrawing cash.

As airports are dynamic, it is always best to check the official Bristol Airport website or contact the airport directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information on any of the above FAQs.