5. Huntingdon

The market town of Huntingdon is in the county of Cambridgeshire and it has been chartered in 1205 by King John. It has been the county town of historic Huntingdonshire for a very long time but now it is the seat of the Huntingdonshire District Council. Oliver Cromwell was born in Huntingdon in in 1599. Oliver Cromwell was a Member of Parliament in the 17th century. Huntingdon has been home to several important individuals such as John Major who was a MP for Huntingdon for more than 20 years starting in 1979. Many centuries ago Huntingdon was founded by the Danes and the Anglo-Saxons. This fact is substantiated by the mentioning of Huntingdon in 921 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. The name which is mentioned is Huntandun but the name which is used in the Domesday Book in 1086 is Huntedun. Two possible meanings has been suggested such a Hunta’s hill or the huntsman’s hill. Properties can cost 90,000 pound.

4. Northstowe

The town of Northstowe is one of the new towns which is expected to soon have as many as 10,000 homes which will convert to a population of approximately 24,000. Presently this town is administered from the Longstanton ward of South Cambridgeshire District Council. It has been approximately 15 years now that there has been ongoing development in Northstowe. The town fathers was looking for a particular image and this is why the town was to be an example as far as renewable energy is concerned. The purpose was to reduce carbon emissions as much as possible. This is why there are also other plans on the table for Northstowe such as a Sustainable Urban Drainage Scheme. Properties can cost as much as 87,000 pounds.

3. March

The market town of March is on the Isle of Ely in Cambridgeshire. Ely was a separate administrative county between1889 and 1965 of which March was the county town. In fact the Fenland District Council is administered from March which gives the town a measure of importance in the region. One of the reasons for the importance of March was the fact that it was also an important railway centre. March just like many other Fenland towns was at one time surrounded by marshes. Properties can cost as much as 70,000 pounds for a fast sale.

2. Witchford

Less than 3 miles from Ely in Cambridgeshire you will find the village of Witchford which has a population of approximately 2500 people. Interestingly when the surrounding area was cleared in order to make place for RAf Witchford this activity led to the discovery of an Anglo-Saxon cemetery. Unfortunately during the excavations approximately 30 skeletons was damaged which made further archaeological investigations very difficult. It was however possible to recover some artefacts which was dated to between AD 450 and 650. More recent survey work has uncovered the presence of Roman and Iron Age settlers. Speculation that this could have been the lost village of Cratendune turned out to be negative. Properties will cost approximately 69,000 pounds to property cash buyers.

1. Wisbech

In the Fenland district in Cambridgeshire is the inland port and market town known as Wisbech. According to recent statistics approximately 32,000 people are living in Wisbech. It is located in the far north-east regions of Cambridgeshire surrounded by places such as Lincolnshire and Norfolk. The town is beautiful because of the River Nene flowing through it which makes it necessary to have 2 bridges in order to ensure easy access to all parts of Wisbech. In the past Wisbech was part of the Isle of Ely district. Properties can cost as much as 65,000 pounds if you want to sell your home fast.