What comes to your mind when we say hair colours? Gorgeous look? Lustrous tresses? Enhanced appearance? Well, these all three come under hair colours. Hair colours enhance our appearance and give us a stunning look. Well, gorgeous and lustrous tresses depend upon one factor – ammonia. If you use no-ammonia hair colours, then lustrous tresses are guaranteed. But if not, then your hair is bound to become frizzy and unmanageable. Why is it so? Why does ammonia harm our hair?

See, ammonia is a chemical used in hair dyes that help colour stay in hair for a longer duration. No doubt, the colour stays. But your hair becomes damaged to a large extent. Ammonia weakens your strands and irritates the scalp, thereby leading to many hair woes such as split ends, dandruff, breakage, damage, frizziness, etc. This chemical does irreversible damage to your hair. Today, many hair dyes do the same thing. They all include this harmful chemical that ruins the natural keratin of our hair.

But some hair dyes are natural. Godrej Expert Easy is one such hair dye. Infused with natural ingredients like Shikakai, Aloe Vera, Reetha, etc., this hair dye conditions your hair and makes it look lustrous. Godrej hair dyes add shine and lustre to them while stimulating hair growth. This natural hair dye is the best if you want to colour your tresses without damaging them! Now, there are some benefits of hair colouring. Let us have a look at them!

  • Volume: Hair colours add volume to your tresses. You might have noticed that people who colour their tresses have reasonably thicker hair. This is because hair colours are an additional coating on your tresses. This additional coating gives you thick, voluminous hair. If you use natural hair dyes like Godrej, then apart from the volume, your hair will have the necessary strength and health. The hair texture will also be enhanced.

  • Protection: The additional layer of hair colours protects our hair from environmental factors. Our hair is exposed to different environmental factors like pollution, dirt, heat, dust, etc. All these take a toll on our hair and make them weak, dry, and frizzy. To overcome such a situation, it is essential to colour your hair. When you get a protective layer, then your natural hair is completely protected from radical damage.

  • Youthful Look: Hair colouring is an easy way to amp up your look. Picking up the right hair shade will make you look younger and beautiful. It is best to opt for trendy shades like burgundy, blue, ash grey, etc., to get a more youthful look. If you don’t like experimenting much, you can go for subtle shades like brown, blonde, caramel, etc. You can go for highlights or lowlights with these shades.

  • Shine: When you dye your hair, it looks shiny and healthy. The hair colour reflects in different ways, thereby making your hair shine. Not only shine, but hair colours also help in improving your hair texture while giving it a lustrous look.

So, these are some of the benefits of hair colouring. To freshen up your look, getting your hair coloured is the best way. Today, we will look at some of the trendiest highlighted hair colour ideas that suit brown, red, and blonde hair. So let’s begin!

Top Hair Shades

Highlighting is a great technique to colour your hair while giving it a modern look. It doesn’t  matter whether your natural hair shade is black, red, brown, or blonde – there is a hair colour for everyone. Check out the best hair shades and book your next appointment now!

  1. Turquoise Highlights with Black Hair

Your natural black hair will look amazing with turquoise highlights. Partial highlights will give your hair a nice upgrade. Also, this highlighted shade is quite unconventional. Create this amazing look and give your hair an unnatural look. Try it out now!

  1. Blonde Highlights with Red Hair

Red hair has become a trend in recent times. Ranging from teenagers to women of elderly age – all are getting this hair colour done. Now, blonde with red hair shade is for elderly women. This shade is great for women over 50. This hair colour adds dimension and depth to your locks. Not to mention, some warmth as well! This is a subtle hair shade that blends in your hair seamlessly. Go for babylights with blonde hair shade to create an amazing look.

  1. Chunky Highlights

Blend out your grey hair with chunky highlights. This shade is perfect for brunettes as it adds a certain sense of warmth to your locks. This shade is good for women of all ages. It enhances your facial features and gives you a youthful look. Start creating the highlights from the face as it will give you a fresh, highlighted look. With this shade, you can show off your two specific hues. Try this stunning shade now and give your hair a subtle and youthful look!

  1. Royal Blue Streaks with Brown Hair

If you have naturally brown hair, then this shade is for you! royal blue streaks in an uncommon choice among women. But trust us – this shade will look gorgeous with your dark brown hair. This rich blue colour in your dark hair will create an interesting combination, thereby giving it a luxurious and lustrous look. With this hair shade, you can style your hair in curls to give the blue shade a prominent look. If you have short hair, try beach waves to make the colour more evident.

  1. Pastel Pink Highlights with Light Brown Hair

Your long hair looks amazing! Why not make them enchanting with a pastel pink shade!? This is a low-maintenance hair shade that creates a mermaid look that looks absolutely ethereal. This hair shade begins from the mid-hair shaft and goes to the ends to give your hair a playful look. Your long hair will look absolutely stunning with this hair colour. Style your hair in waves and give them an alluring look. Try this pastel shade now!

  1. Ash Blonde Highlights

Your dark hair will reasonably be enhanced with an ash brown shade. This is one of the subtlest shades of brown that gives you a versatile and chic look. This hair shade blends easily in your dark hair while giving it a dynamic look. What’s more? This hair colour is for women who want a hair shade without making much effort. This colour gives an edgy, chic, and natural look to your hair. Give your hair a subtle and gorgeous look with these amazing ash blonde highlights.

  1. Burgundy Red Hair Highlights

Burgundy is considered as a natural colour that seamlessly blends in your dark hair. With red, you can either go for highlights or global hair colouring techniques. If you go for highlights, the deep wine streaks are bound to win everyone’s heart and turn their heads in awe. With this hair colour, you get a modern and natural look. Try this hair colour now!

So, these are some of the best highlighted shades that you can try with blonde, black, and red hair. While colouring your hair, make sure you are using no-ammonia hair colours. It is essential to take care of the tresses and prevent them from damaging. Well, this can easily be done by natural hair dyes. Godrej Expert Easy is an ammonia-free hair dye that colours your hair without damaging them. It fixes all your hair woes and gives you lustrous tresses. Try out the five vibrant shades of this natural hair dye and give your hair some care.