People in the UAE are tech-savvy, fashion-conscious, and brand-conscious, therefore they spend online to keep up their style. Premium-priced fashion products generated the most sales in the UAE.

What Sports are Popular in the UAE? 

As previously mentioned, soaring sportswear stats align with the UAE’s newfound love of sports, with football being the most popular sport in the region. Due to the game’s growing importance in the region’s sports landscape, well-known European giants including as Juventus and Liverpool have opened academies in Dubai. The UAE Arabian Gulf Competition is the region’s top-flight professional league in terms of footballing products.

While football is the most popular sport, it does not generate the greatest revenue for the region’s economy. Cycling, golf, horseracing, marathons, rugby, and tennis, according to the First Group, account for almost 90% of the economic effect of athletic events. Furthermore, the sports industry in Dubai produces $270 million from golf alone.

Dubai Online Shopping 

The market will be augmented by developing product categories such as maternity wear, plus size clothing, and sportswear among UAE residents. Existing industry participants who offer diverse shopping experiences, such as try-on-and-buy tools, will help the online fashion business grow even more. The e-commerce market will grow in size, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi accounting for a substantial portion of that growth.

The Dubai online shopping fashion market is expected to grow rapidly from 2021 to 2022, owing to an increase in the number of online market players entering the E-commerce industry, as well as the introduction of new business models such as the hybrid model, in which companies also operate offline stores where customers can try out products before making a purchase.

Sports sale in Dubai

  • The United States dominates the sportswear apparel and footwear business, with the biggest market share worldwide. COVID-19 influenced athleisure wear demand, as more consumers accepted these products because they are comfortable to wear while working from home. The demand for different forms of clothing is determined by the weather conditions in the area.
  • In comparison to other end-user sectors, men account for a larger percentage of the worldwide sportswear market. The United States is the market leader in men’s activewear. Out of the overall number of yoga practitioners, more than 10 million males practise yoga around the world. In the following years, the women’s sportswear segment is expected to increase significantly. The age group of 25-34 years accounts for the majority of the market.
  • The significant propensity for going out, mingling, viewing, and trying on a product before purchasing it is expected to maintain the market share for sportswear sales offline high.

Nike and Adidas Levels Up Digital Game

In the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak, Nike Inc. is doubling down on attempts to expand its online business, with plans to improve its own e-commerce platforms while deepening collaborations with key retailers.

The company hopes to dethrone its biggest competitor, Nike, with this well-executed campaign. The fastest-growing income channel for the Nike UAE is e-commerce, and all production processes are as digital as feasible. Changes in consumer behavior brought on by digital transformation affect Adidas’ operations. Technology enables the organization to have more direct contact with its customers.