Indian citizens require an international driving license or an international driving permit to drive a car abroad. The abbreviation IDP means International Driving Permit. If you are looking to obtain an internationally-based driver’s license, you have to apply through the RTO the place where your initial driving license was issued.

The requirement to obtain an international driving licence and the necessary paperwork to get one are described in the following article. All travelers must have an active passport and a valid visa along with their international driver’s licence India to be able to drive within their country of destination.

It is accessible to Indian drivers who have Indian driving licences that want to travel abroad. The licence can be issued through the local district’s RTO (Regional Transportation Office). If you want to get an internationally-issued driver’s license, you must be at least 18 . The license can be obtained without an exam.

International Driving Permit Required

People who wish to drive internationally need to begin by requesting an international driving license or an international driver’s license. Foreign tourists are allowed to travel by United Nations to travel with the International Driver’s Permit, an official travel document. The original driver’s licence has been transliterated into the official language for the driver’s licence.

The Indian State Transportation Licensing Authority’s license, this vital document confirms that you’re the holder the valid drivers’ license and also provides documents for licensing into various different languages. This makes it easier for authorities to verify your qualifications to drive.

An Indian can hire or drive a vehicle abroad provided they possess an international driver’s license. Anyone who is visiting the country is encouraged to seek the license.

Certain countries allow using a driver’s licence based on status as a visa holder.

Thus, these countries may allow 30 days of driving with no license, but then require the issue of a driving licence for local residents.

Essential Documents to get An International Driver’s License

The applicants must be 18 years old and possess an active driver’s license as per norms set by international drivers association. Alongside documents issued by the appropriate agency, these additional documents are required:

  • Form 4-A
  • A copy of a driver’s licence which has been in good order.
  • A copy of the air ticket.
  • Five passport-sized pictures and a medical certificate listed on the application form.
  • Copy of the proof of your address.

Take extra passport-sized pictures in your bag, it’s recommended.

Each member nation has the same eligibility requirements to obtain an International Driving Permit. The majority of countries charge a small fee for issuance of the permit; this cost differs from nation to country.